Addressing a Pressing Need in the Church

It’s always exciting when you come across individuals that are just as passionate as you are about something! In this case, I’ve been able to meet and work with some awesome folks that are talented and experienced in the area of digital media for ministry.

Why is this important? As I said in a past blog post, “Messaging, Not Marketing”, HOW a church, ministry, or non-profit communicates is vitally important to the success of its mission.

Jesus Christ was such a fantastic communicator! He knew just what to say, when to say it, and how it should be phrased. People were always captivated by His words. Those that weren’t even “religious” felt drawn to Him. However, His bride hasn’t always done such a great job at this! Granted, Jesus was God-in-the-flesh and all, but the Church has had plenty to work with too!

It is no coincidence that some of the most remarkable writing, artwork, and music in the past 2000 years has come from the Christian faith. We have been leaders in creative expression for centuries! However, as of late it seems that we play catch-up to what’s happening in the world. The real “culture war” at play in the church today is that of imitation, not innovation!

Our conviction is that churches can do a lot better at unleashing creativity. There are now so many avenues to get the message of hope in Christ out there, in ways that are appealing and attractive to anyone who comes across it. Is your ministry taking full advantage of things like video content? Graphic design? Social media?

Whatever medium it is, we can do better! What worked 50 years ago, isn’t going to be effective today in reaching NEW (i.e. not Christian) audiences. Fair or not, people these days have much more critical eyes and ears. Your stubbornness (or laziness) in addressing how something appears or sounds can be a stumbling block, as silly as that may seem.

Not only that, but are you reaching people where they are at? Think less of a LOCATION, and more about COMMUNICATION. Everything is becoming more and more smartphone and online-focused.

To meet this need, we have added several new Creative Consultants to our team…


Jacob Seay is an in-demand photographer and graphic designer who has also been serving in ministry for over eight years.

As the Creative Arts Lead of Hope Church, Jacob oversees many of the creative/digital elements for both of their Spartanburg and Simpsonville campuses. He’s able to capture moments from worship services and other church events for larger marketing pieces and for use online. Through social media, he looks at utilizing content to help make the church become a leader in creative expression, not a follower.

Aside from ministry, he enjoys traveling and also spending time with his girlfriend Aliyah. Jacob resides in Boiling Springs, SC.




Caleb Mosley is a talented videographer and motion graphics designer with two years experience serving in ministry.

As Video Producer of Hope Church, he creates promos, announcements, and longform testimony videos that help communicate what the church is all about. He is also skilled at conducting interviews and getting on-the-ground footage. He is the owner of Mosley Motions video services.

Caleb is currently a Marketing major at University of South Carolina Upstate. He resides in Inman, SC.




Sarah Goras Peterson grew up in North Carolina and from a young age, she has always dreamed of being a director and making an eternal difference.

In 2011, she directed her first short film about the importance of preaching the Gospel.  From there she knew she needed to pursue studying her craft so she can make a greater impact for the Kingdom.  Since then she has worked as a Senior Producer, Editor, and Director with different churches and international ministries in live broadcasting, live church productions, promotional videos, short films, testimonials, and more.

She served as the administrator of an outreach department within a large evangelistic ministry, training with church leaders from around the country. Sarah recognizes the importance of excellence in video to expand the Kingdom.

Sarah has a Bachelors in Theology in the study of Outreach Administration and a Bachelors in Science in the study of Film.  She is also currently taking her Masters in the study of Creative Writing. She resides with her husband Jake in Orlando, FL.



Stephanie Schroeder comes from a military family and has been all over the country, from Delaware to Hawaii, which allowed her to see a variety of cultures and churches. She has over 15 years of experience in ministry, design, and media. She has a heart for discipleship and a desire to see the Church take advantage of the opportunities design and media bring to the table.

As a high schooler, Stephanie developed an interest in photography and design which led her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic/Design from Union University. While in college she was a staff photographer and photo editor for the campus and won awards in photojournalism from the Baptist Press. She has been published with the International Mission Board and Union University still uses her images today for their publications.

Stephanie has used these skills and knowledge in design, photography, and media to also serve her church in various capacities. She has been a Women’s Ministry Leader, Youth Activities Director, VBS Co-Director, and AWANA Bible-study teacher, just to name a few.

Because of her passion for discipleship and desire to learn more about the Bible, she decided to return to school and has since received a Master’s in Christian Ministry, Stephanie resides in Piedmont, SC with her dog Bailey.


At Training Churches, we look to develop healthy processes and culture, as well as helping your ministry find its voice in expressing who Jesus is!

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Chris Honeycutt is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Training Churches. He resides in Spartanburg, SC with his wife Heather and their son Nelson.