Letting neighbors know about what God is doing in your church or ministry with an effective online presence and grassroots outreach tools.

“How will they believe… if they have not heard?”

Whether they know it or not, churches are in the communications business! They have to contend with entertainment, news, and tons of other distractions out there. The reality for many ministries, however, is that it’s not even a competition! The church’s website looks like it dates back to 1998 when GeoCities was a thing. They have a personal account on Facebook instead of a page. “FirstChurch  OfTheCrossMemphisTN” anyone? The secretary still places an ad twice a year in the “CHURCH NEWS” section of the free local weekly newspaper. Bulletins only change every week if the songs and passages are different.

Sound familiar? Sadly, this is not nearly enough to engage and attract new people in our communities! Training Churches is here to help…

We offer:

  • Analysis of current communication methods, branding, and marketing efforts
  • Website building, graphic design, video services, and social media management
  • Podcast/Vodcast/online streaming implementation
  • Grassroots marketing, neighborhood canvassing, and “street team” development
  • Preaching/teaching/speaking at services and events

Our trainers:

Chris Honeycutt

Isaac Sotero

Scott Johnson


Katlyn Moncrief Bryan







Christian Matthews