Worship Consulting

Assisting churches in transition of worship style, team development, and audio/video production.

“Sing to the Lord a new song…”

Music is closely tied to the Christian faith! Over two millennia, believers have expressed their love of God through singing and playing instruments. While styles, methods, and technology may change, what remains the same is that worship should be engaging, reverent, and beautiful.

We offer:

  • Assessments of your current worship team and setup
  • Consulting for transitions in worship style or adding multiple services
  • Coaching for worship leaders and team members
  • Planning and installation of audio/video tech
  • Stage design and implementation
  • Building a culture of excellence and discipline
  • Recruitment and development of new leaders
  • Worship leading for services and events

Training Churches has several worship consultants from a variety of backgrounds, traditions, expertise, and styles! From contemporary and charismatic, to liturgical and high-church, we know the terrain and how to make the most with what you got.

Our trainers:

Ben Panos

Scott Johnson

Christian Matthews