Alan Kelso

Network Trainer

Alan Kelso is a Network Trainer for Training Churches. He is a gifted speaker and the author of his most recent book entitled, “I WILL NOT BE DEFINED®”.

His career is the convergence as a business leader, political adviser, a member on two Presidential Commissions dealing with business development across America, an entrepreneur, CEO of a Christian television station, producer, and host of many radio and TV shows.

He also has 30 years experience as a pastor, worship leader, conference speaker, and an international lecturer. He is quite familiar in the area of church development, helping four congregations grow considerably during his time as a Senior Pastor.

He and his wife, Terina, are the founders of Kelso Ministries International, KMI Publishing, and KMI Leadership Institute. Together, they have six children and six grandchildren. They reside in Jacksonville, FL.