Sarah Goras Peterson

Creative Consultant

Sarah Goras Peterson is a Creative Consultant with Training Churches. She grew up in North Carolina and from a young age, she has always dreamed of being a director and making an eternal difference.

In 2011, she directed her first short film about the importance of preaching the Gospel.  From there she knew she needed to pursue studying her craft so she can make a greater impact for the Kingdom.  Since then she has worked as a Senior Producer, Editor, and Director with different churches and international ministries in live broadcasting, live church productions, promotional videos, short films, testimonials, and more.

She has had the opportunity to be the administrator of an outreach department within a large evangelistic ministry and did training with church leaders from around the country. Sarah recognizes the importance of excellence through the use of video to expand the Kingdom.

Sarah has a Bachelors in Theology in the study of Outreach Administration and a Bachelors in Science in the study of Film.  She is also currently taking her Masters in the study of Creative Writing. She resides with her husband Jake in Orlando, FL.